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To be made after trenches are excavated and the necessary reinforcement and forms are in place and before concrete is placed. Drilled footings, piles and similar types of foundations shall be inspected as installed. (A portable toilet facility to be in place before excavation begins.)

To be made after all plumbing, mechanical, wiring and moisture barrier are in place. Termite treatment to be completed.

Foundation To be made after foundation wall or spot piers have been erected and prior to any structural framing. Termite treatment to be completed.

Floor Framing
To be inspected after all girders and floor joists are in place and before the subfloor is installed.

To be made after all structural framing is in place and all rough-in of electrical, mechanical and plumbing has been installed and inspected, after all fire blocking, chimneys, bracing, vents and brick ties, when required, are installed, but before any of the structure is enclosed or covered. Poured in place concrete structural elements shall be inspected before each pour of any structural member.

To be inspected as damper is set and upon completion of chimney on masonry fireplace before removal of scaffolding.

To be made after the building or structure has been roughed-in for electrical, mechanical, plumbing and framing and before sheetrock is installed.

To be made after the building or structure has all doors hung, fixtures set and ready for occupancy, but before the building is occupied.

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